Promotion and regrading


The grading period is February 1st until September 30th.


Any request or application must be made in writing to the Education Convenor and the club committee.


All promotions/regrading are at the discretion of the Education Convenor and the committee.


A minimun of 20 playing nights in the grading period is the requirement for promotion unless exceptional circumstances are cited.


For promotion from one grade to the next, a player must have achieved an average of 55% (56% from Senior Reserve to Senior) over the best 20 nights, although there are certain exceptional circumstances in which a request for promotion may also be considered.


If one of a playing partnership earns promotion, his/her partner may apply for promotion as well.


The partner’s promotion will depend on how close his/her percentage is to that required.


Members may apply to decline promotion from any grade but they will not then be eligible to win any competitions.

If a partnership is unable to play on the designated grade night, it can gain promotion by playing at a higher or open grade level and by achieving a score level appropriate to that grade.


Scores achieved at a higher grade or at an open night with a partner of the same grade will be included in the average if requested.


Scores with partners from a higher grade or with a visitor will not count towards grading.