Bridge Directors

Directing a session of bridge is an essential part of the club’s operation. The layout of the playing room, the smooth flow of pairs around the room, and the transfer of the boards to and from the tables are some of the director’s prime responsibilities.

There is administration to do: keeping records of contests, collecting and reconciling the table fees, looking up players’ registration numbers, and, dear to the heart of us all, the calculation and publication of results at the end of a session.

Why We Need The Director

why we need the director

A director needs skill in a number of areas. In short, the director will keep the bridge session running smoothly and on time, and thereby improve your enjoyment of the game. She or he will clarify the rules where needed, dealing with any slip-ups by players when bidding or playing.

Crockfords Directors

Craig Shannahan

Debbie Mallon

Luisa McNabb

Nigel England

Peter Van Leeuwen

Director's Guidance

directors guidance

As a club player, make good use of your director. The director is there to help when things go awry, be it a spilt card or a bid or lead made out of turn.


Just raise your hand and call out “Director, please!”.  S/he will explain things for the benefit of all players at your table.

218 Riccarton Road, Christchurch