Lessons for Improvers
If you would like to register for one of our future classes then please telephone the office on

03 348-7478 or send an email to

Features of the Crockford’s Learners Classes include:

♣ These lessons are aimed at players who have been playing for a year or two.  However they are often useful to players of much greater experience who want up their card play, extend their system or keep up with the modern trends in bidding

♣ They lessons are based on the NZ Bridge Improvers Lessons

♣ Each lesson runs for 2 – 2.5 hours, with a short refreshment break (tea/coffee/juice provided)

♣ The session is broken into parts; teaching, discussion, practice which maybe playing hands & / or selecting lines of play as appropriate.

♣ There is ample off-street parking

♣ Come and learn the game in a relaxed and social atmosphere.

The lessons are on Friday evenings at 7pm.
Past Lessons
  • Stayman
  • Minimum, Invitational, GF Bids Hands
  • Transfers
  The second set of lessons started on 23 June
  • Declarer Play Techniques
  • Declarer Suit Play
  • Declarer NT Play

Future Lessons

  • Opening Leads – Friday 28 July
  • Signals and Discards – Friday 4 August

Dates to be advised

  • Defensive 2nd and 3rd Hand Play
  • Doubles 1
  • Doubles 2


03 348-7478 or send an email to