Learn Bridge

Bridge Lessons for Beginners are FREE

However we take them very seriously, putting a lot of effort into them so the learner comes out with a basic understanding of the game but more importantly with enthusiasm and and love for the game which is the ultimate card game.

“Why play bridge?” I hear you ask.

  1. To make friends and one particular friend, your partner.
  2. To have a social time with a group of like minded people.
  3. Bridge is great brain food, it makes you remember and think.
  4. To give yourself a challenge, learn a new and different “language” so you can communicate with your partner and understand what the opposition is saying.
  5. The game is also competitive where you and your partner have to make the most of the cards you have compared to all the other pairs who play your same hands.
  6. ..

So if you fell the challenge, come and join our friendly club.

03 348-7478 or send an email to crockfords@xtra.co.nz


Improvers Lessons

These lessons are aimed at players who have been playing for a year or two.  However they are often useful to players of much greater experience who want up their card play, extend their system or keep up with the modern trends in bidding.

2018 first set

March 23,  Declarer Play – Basic Techniques

April 6, Declarer Play – NT contracts

April 13, Declarer Play – Suit contracts


Still want to learn more?

There are a number of good players who may help you in your journey to better bridge.  Don’t be shy, ask for help.  Your director or Convenor will know where to point you.  Also when you get better you might like to help some player not as far along the way as you.  Go talk lots of bridge together.

We also have a library by the directors desk, go borrow and return the books.