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Babich NZ Wide Pairs

A good night was had at Crockfords, we were the Christchurch venue for this year.  There were some good results from our players as can be seen on our results page. But the point to note was that the NZ winners were Peter and Jenny Story who played in Kaikoura where they spend a large… Read more

Special General Meeting 7pm 14 Nov

On Tuesday 14 November 2017 at 7pm in the club rooms there will be a Special General Meeting to with a view to make a minor change to the constitution so that we can retain our charitable status. It will be moved that the dissolution clause (34) be amened to read; Dissolution In accordance with… Read more

General Information

Visitors are welcome. Table Fees are $8 per person. Please be seated 10 minutes before the stated start time. If you don’t have a partner contact the partner finder for the session. Both Thursday sessions are open to all grades.

All Grades Tournament 23 July, 10am

Crockfords All Grades flier We are wanting to encourage Crockfords players to enter this tournament. So any pair that enters can get free entry to the next set of 3 Improver Lessons which are on declarer card play.  The dates for these lessons are Fridays 23 & 30 June and 7 July from 7pm to… Read more

Wednesday – Senior Reserve and Intermediate 7:30pm

Players to be seated by 7.20 pm Partner Finders: Jenni Minson Senior Reserve  (347 6071), Gwen Baddeley Intermediates (365-7332) CHAMPIONSHIP PAIRS & DIRECTORS LADDER: (12 night pairs events).  A minimum of 9 nights must be played with the same partner to qualify.   Players may have a different partner for each event. PRESIDENTS TROPHY:  (6 night pairs… Read more

Thursday afternoon – Open – 1pm. Seated by 12.50 pm

Players to be seated by 12.55 pm Partner Finder:  Pat McKee (358 8344) SECRETARY’S COMPETITION:  (First Thursday of each month). Pairs Competition of 10 rounds.   Players must play a minimum of 7 rounds to qualify. AIDEN BOOKER MEMORIAL,  DAPHNE JOYCE TROPHY:  (Second and Third Thursdays)  Pairs competitions of 10 rounds each.   Players must play a… Read more

Thursday evening – All Grades 7pm. Seated by 6:55 pm

Players to be seated by 6:55 pm Partner Finder: Bev Smith  (342 5603) JUNIOR PAIRS & PRESIDENTS PAIRS:  Pairs events, played over 12 nights each, comprised of 3 x 4 nights during the year.  A minimum of 9 nights must be played with the same partner to qualify.  Players may have a different partner for each… Read more